Who we work with

Reno Group is focused on providing specialist and personal services in the property sector. Our teams can cover the whole of the UK but our core focus areas are the South West, Gloucestershire to Cornwall.


Our custom property finder service focusses on sourcing investment properties for buy-to-let investors. From first time investors looking for support to seasoned investors looking out of area.

Working with Reno Group you receive responsive, specialist advice from people like you. Our services are tailored to suit your objectives whether you are looking for rental returns, capital appreciation or both, we can provide a service to meet your needs including sourcing, feasibility studies, comparable evidence reporting, viewing, negotiating and general consultancy.

With the market for investment being harder than ever, yields falling and legislation tightening, sourcing the right property is absolutely essential. Working with Reno Group ensures you are working with a team that understands local licensing requirements, recent legal changes, space standards and the local and national market.








Home clients

Finding homes for families that need to move to better suit their needs, such a bungalow due to health reasons, is one of our core activities. This includes assisting in the selling of your current home.

Reno Group can offer a bespoke solution to hold your hand through any part of the process. For example, shortlisting homes,  accompanied or remote viewings, negotiation, refurbishment management, helping you dress your current home for sale, dealing with agents and/or arranging your moving day. We can do as much, or as little, as you require to make your move simple and stress free.

With more and more online sites and agents and a widening area to search a little help may go a long way! We appreciate that many home movers have little experience, especially those that have been in their current family home for many decades, so we are here to support you. Your needs are unique and that’s why our service is tailored to you.








“Investing in property over the last few years has become increasingly harder. Many experts talk about house price decreases and the inability for growth to continue.

Couple this with more stringent mortgage requirements regarding yield, higher stamp duties, CGT and the abolishment of mortgage interest tax relief and you can wonder why you would ever invest in property. However, there are still many fantastic investments out there!”

- Toni Griffiths

“I meet more and more people needing to move due to health or retirement. The process can be daunting, and wanting to protect your estate for your children can add more complexity.

"Buying a bungalow is about access, facilities and local services. I've invested in bungalows for many years and love the flexibility it gives owners. I offer my expertise in sourcing homes for less mobile people or those looking for a retirement plan."

- Toni Griffiths